Expect The Unexpected

Motherhood is not like the movies. "Expect The Unexpected" is a personal story of the difficulties that can arise and follow from a traumatic birth. It is also a first hand honest account of postnatal depression, difficulty with bonding and loss of identity in the process. Annie is dedicated to letting other mums know that they are not alone, sharing the problems surrounding bonding and identity, how events can affect it and how difficult or premature births affect both parents. An emotional and empowering account of the problems that can lead to postnatal depression that so many mums experience, with thought-provoking reflections to getting through it from someone who has.

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Windsor Towers Publishing is a new independent publishing house. Established in 2020 during lockdown when the world was needing honest, real and inspiring stories of hope.

WTP contains books and e-books on topics to uplift, and helps to inspire connection, support and belief in inner strength, worth and possibilities.

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Gold Award

“Annie has won the golden women’s award for the parent and education book category.”


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Louise Pentland

Mum Life

” This heartwarming story of becoming a mum when you have lost one young shows a real strength of overcoming, written with honesty and humor.Being a mum is not easy and so without a good role model it can be even harder to know what is required. Mumslife covers Louise’s true story of experiencing an abusive step mum and finding her way later as a mum with some tips for coping along the way”

Dawn O'Porter

Life in Pieces

” Dawn writes a hilarious account of the ‘new normal’ and life in lockdown. What that has meant as a parent and how to cope in challenging moments. Written like a diary of her daily accounts, it is a great way to feel connected in the strange times we are living within. Her view, mostly from a cupboard, will leave you feeling uplifted and happier about how things may be in your own homes.”


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