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Louise Pentland

Mum Life

” This heartwarming story of becoming a mum when you have lost one young shows a real strength of overcoming, written with honesty and humor.Being a mum is not easy and so without a good role model it can be even harder to know what is required. Mumslife covers Louise’s true story of experiencing an abusive step mum and finding her way later as a mum with some tips for coping along the way”

Dawn O'Porter

Life in Pieces

” Dawn writes a hilarious account of the ‘new normal’ and life in lockdown. What that has meant as a parent and how to cope in challenging moments. Written like a diary of her daily accounts, it is a great way to feel connected in the strange times we are living within. Her view, mostly from a cupboard, will leave you feeling uplifted and happier about how things may be in your own homes.”

Fiona Gibson

Mum Who Got Her Life Back

” This is a story about a single mum who eventually gets her life back when her children turn 18. Far from the empty nest she shares the joy of new romance an upbeat and hilarious take on how having your home back to yourself can have its benefits.

Giovanna Fletcher

Happy Mum, Happy Baby

This is a book that celebrates how being a confident mum can benefit your child. It focuses on what motherhood is like for the modern day woman and is a personal account of her own motherhood journey. Giovanna admits she is ‘winging it’ and has a very positive and upbeat style to her writing.

Susan Nolen-Hoeksema

Women Who Think Too Much

Women Who Think Too Much provides insights into the vast number of women who are impacted by overthinking. A detailed account of why we overthink and detailed strategies for coping and methods of self help are delivered in this book that covers extensive research into how overthinking can lead to sadness and mental health struggles.

Gill Sims

Why Mummy's Sloshed

” This is a genuine, honest and hilarious tale of the demands of motherhood. It speaks to the realities of daily tasks and requirements that a mum has and how it can make you feel overwhelmed and under appreciated. Instead of the perfect mum stories that we hear regularly, it gives a new slant on the pressures of modern day mums and adds a big dash of humour along the way.”

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